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SKAILOG #3 - 한국에서의 첫 여행 (석모도 | 고양시) My first road trip in Korea.

It's been one year since I shoot this video, but as I didn't want it to go to waste as it was finished long time ago I decided to share it with you.

Although I have been in South Korea for the first time in 2017, and I've been there twice that year, just last year I went to my first trip outside of Seoul. Somehow it happened that I never left Seoul until then. And then I found out how beautiful Korea really is. I was amazed by any scenery I've seen as it's way different from where I came from. Something that might be so normal and usual to you I find it for the first time and I'm simply..amazed.

Please have a look on just a random road trip that brought me so many memories.

PS It's not a perfect video, it has its mistakes which I left on purpose as I thought they're cute lol

Lovessss XX



Kate White -

Kamilla Fenger -


Ikson - Dawn

Ikson - All Night

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