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London Fashion Week Men's SS20 - Day 2

Hi guys!

It might be a bit out of blue and in the middle of nowhere, but as I just attended LFWM I wanted to write this post as soon as possible.

Compared to any other fashion weeks I've been to, this one was the shortest ever for me. I only attended it for one day, to be more exact on last Sunday (09.06.2019).

Honestly I planed to not show up at all this season as I'm not in London for the time being, but all the invitations I've received where for the same day, I've decided to go.

First show I went to on Sunday was Michiko Koshino presentation which BLEW.MY.MIND. Literally it was one of a kind presentation. This time Michiko shows the thin line between the imitation and inspiration. Reflects the overall sentiment to our current culture and creates garments for modern audience who desire ready to wear products. It's a fuse of women and menswear in toned down, softer for Michiko colours of white, sand, mud, pastel prints and khaki tones. Please, find the press release and imaginary below.


Photography: Marco Torri

The next presentation was Lou Dalton who set up a camping scene with a group of models perched on Land Rover folding stools around military tents. Dalton delivered a completely versatile, wearable, mix-and-match range of garments also in colours of sand, mud, navy blue and white. My attention draw those cute knitted hats that reminds me of the ones in my childhood.


Photography: Tom Goddard, Regis Colin Berthelier, Hero Magazine

Oliver Spencer's runaway show was the next one I attended and I was pretty surprised over the location of the set. The catwalk happened to be in Shoreditch drinking hole-meets-food court which was transformed into Chinese market place with suspended scarlet paper lanterns which in my opinion did not really matched the collection itself as Spencer's garments are known to be a gents, mature and classy pieces for any occasion. The colours of this collection where in between of burned orange, beige and tones of blue.

Although the locations wasn't the best choice the collection was stunning stunning as always.


Photography: Vogue

Bianca Saunders, another presentation that day, unveiled a collection full of gently disruptive silhouettes, light-weight puckered shirts and more exaggerated tailored split pants. It's a combination of twisted seams that sort of wrap over the trousers from one side to the other. Colour palette of this collection was in between of oxblood red to denim through beige, check greenish and grey.


Photography: Pink Prince Magazine, Jess Segal

The closing show on Sunday was University of Westminster's MA Menswear graduate show. As for fashion school you could expect something outstanding. This show was a set of 10 designers:

1. San Kim

2. Hattie Crowther

3. Ted Lin

4. Tommy Wan

5. Morgane Krischer

6. Lola Van Praag

7. Daniel Rozsahegyi

8. Amelie Marie Gaydoul

9. James Reeves

10. Curtis Wu

Each designer showed creativity and variousness of garments. Each collection is different in its own way. I'm amazed by all looks! The reason why do I love fashion students and young designers work is because they bring us a lot of freshness and ideas to our imagination. They show us that fashion doesn't have any boundaries and it's created for all of us.

Hope you enjoyed this quick review on the shows and if you have any ideas of what would you like to hear from me, what kind of content would you like to see, please don't hesitate to comment or message me!

See you soon!



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