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Before it all began

So we've got here!

After a long calculations and hard conclusions, I've decided to risk my life once again and come back to Korea. And once again I don't regret it.

The moment I came to Korea I had only 2 days to prepare myself for fashion week. I had no time to do it back in London, as the moment I finished my work I went to the airport straight away.

The first thing to do after my arrival was.... picking up the tickets from designers...

Well, yes, after arrival my mood was like, okayyy! let's get back to work! as there was no time to waste rather than yesss! I finally got my holidays haha

Later on, I met with my long time no see friends, although so far it was only half of them as everyone had planned their schedule already , it was way more than satisfying. I haven't seen them 1 year after all. We've had dinner, went out to play games, took photos, grabed coffee and of course stepped

by karaoke.

The next day unexpectedly turned out to be the 0 day of Seoul Fashion Week I would say, an unofficial fashion week day. I've only had one show that day so basically I did not prepare anything as I thought there won't be many people in ddp beside of the people who goes for the show. I was wrong. There were so many people.. and so many photographers as the Seoul Fashion Week has already started.

After the first show, I had to meet my long time no see friend from London to pick up the clothes he designed and let me wore on fashion week. Later on, my friend went to another show while me and a friend of mine went to pick up the accessories from the dongdaemun market.

That's how the 2 days has passed and the fun week had begun!

More details about the shows itself, please find in the next posts :)


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